This Bright Field, Bethnal Green

This Bright Field, Bethnal Green

This Bright Field is about as hipster as a café that’s not really aimed at hipsters can get, and quite charming for it. The staff have extravagant facial hair, the food is all British and it looks eclectically well put-together, but the staff are also efficient and polite, the food is good value and none of the furniture would look weird in your Mum’s kitchen. These three things sound like basic common sense, but in the world of trendy food, nothing is sacred. Just because your restaurant is full of customers who’ve bought at least one thing from American Apparel doesn’t mean you can treat everyone like muck, charge them a fortune and make them sit on tree stumps.
The first time I went to This Bright Field I ate the best sandwich I have ever eaten (so far). Below is a picture of the marvel itself. Smoked chicken, watercress salad and herb mayonnaise in focaccia, with a bit of tomato relish and a little pile of coleslaw on the side. This chicken was rich with smoky flavour and not at all dry, and the oiliness from the soft focaccia and mayonnaise was quelled with greens and tomatoes. Bloody great.

Smoked Chicken Sandwich at This Bright Field

Their dinner set menu is also extremely tasty and very reasonable for anyone who wants more than one course, and very very good value for anyone who wants three, though the main course (I had pork, leek and cider pie with mash) was notably better than the starter and dessert. I’ve also been back to seek a second go at The Sandwich and it was a bit drowned in mayonnaise, which made me sad. I have faith in them, though, so I’d still recommend This Bright Field to anybody.

This Bright Field
★★★★✰  £££
268 Cambridge Heath Road, E2 9DA, 020 8880 7080


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