Scott’s Sandwich Bar, Covent Garden

Salt beef sandwich - Scott's sandwich bar

When you’re buying a sandwich to take back to your desk, £7.20 is a lot to pay, even if you have so much money that you don’t have to borrow money from your mum to buy a yearly travelcard. It definitely feels like too much when you’re facing the walk back with merely a flimsy brown paper bag – the sort that you only really see in period dramas now – to keep the central London air from seeping out all your sandwich’s heat, and potentially tainting it with taxi gas.

But LOOK at it. Look how much MEAT you get. This is the salt beef sandwich on something that wasn’t rye because they’d run out of rye. With only a smear of mustard because I’m a wimp, and a massive, juicy, crisp pickle on the side. And it was silly expensive, but it was ever so delicious. I haven’t been back, but would recommend it to anyone. On payday.

Scott’s Sandwich Bar
★★★✰✰  £££
10 New Row, WC2N 4LH, 020 7240 0340 ‎


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