Salt, Holborn

Chorizo sandwich - Salt, Holborn

I am terribly sad to report that Salt has now closed.

Working on the Strand for six months left me fat and in debt, and Salt is partly to blame for that. A very small part, admittedly – we were doomed from the moment we coined the phrase ‘Fancy Lunch Thursdays’ – but it is certainly one of Holborn’s finest lunch options. Excellent salads and sandwiches, good portion sizes, reasonably priced, great coffee. There’s a little bit of seating at the back so that you can escape your desk (or the horrors of meandering shoppers on cobbles in Covent Garden).
★★★★✰  £££
34 Great Queen Street, WC2B 5AA, 0207 430 0335

Sweet potato, mushroom and chorizo salad - Salt, Holborn

Flat white - Salt, Holborn


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